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La Cabane à Swing

La Cabane à Swing was founded in 2013 by Olivier Duval and Laurence Wassmer, two swing dance lovers, to wanted to share their passion with the surrounding population. Incorporated as a non-profit organization, La Cabane à Swing is dedicated to promoting the culture of swing dance and music. This mainly involves holding dance classes, but also participating in events, holding improvement workshops or even organizing swing events.

Our goal: That you have fun dancing!


Dancing swing since 2008, Olivier has visited North America and Europe to perfect his skills and broaden his knowledge of swing. Co-founder of the Cabane à Swing and born networker, he is keen to share his love for this dance with everyone. He also actively participates in the promotion of jazz music by participating in the organization of swing evenings with bands and as a DJ. Spontaneous and jovial, he will quickly put you at ease.


She discovered swing with Olivier and is co-founder of the Cabane à Swing. Drawing on her experience in gymnastics, she breaks down the movements to make your learning easier. Laurence perfects her knowledge of swing through her participation in various events here and abroad.


A professional teacher, Virginy knows all the keys to effective and motivating teaching. She has a solid experience in dance; after dancing jazz for around ten years, she dabbles in salsa, modern, hip-hop, social, etc. Later, Virginy discovered swing with her brother Olivier before joining the Cabane à Swing in the fall of 2013. Playful and dynamic in nature, Virginy will know how to pass on her passion to you.


Marie-Eve discovered her passion for Lindy Hop in 2016, at a first lesson with the swing cabin. Since then, she has developed her dance through several events and improvement workshops. More passionate than ever today, her objective is to transmit the pleasure of this unique dance and the spirit of community attached to it. Involved in making the organization shine, it will be a pleasure to meet you and help in your journey as a swing dancer!



Véronique began teaching just one year after having started her first swing lesson herself. This shows that it is possible to learn a lot in just two sessions! After trying different styles of dance, his choice fell on swing and the family spirit shared between the dancers. His enthusiasm and pleasure for dancing will give you energy.


Julie fell in love with swing in 2016 after attending the Christmas party. AprAfter a year and a half of lessons, she began teaching Rockabilly-Jive, a style that she learned simply on the dance floor. She has taken part in caliber swing events with international teachers. Cheerful and full of energy,
she will know how to pass on her passion to you. 

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