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The world of swing dances

At La Cabane à Swing, everyone dances with everyone! Here, dancing is a game of listening to music and each other. You can dance to a variety of songs. Each dance is improvised based on the rhythm and nuances of the music as well as the basic steps and movements known to the dancers.


Advantages? No need to register as a couple! By varying your partners, you learn to consolidate your bases and discover new energies. So you have more freedom and creativity. Dancing is an activity and not a performance, because you can participate in dance evenings even if you are not accompanied. In short, learning swing is like learning a language rather than learning a song by heart! Join La Cabane à Swing.

Courses offered

Lindy hop 1 (or beginner)

Get dancing to the rhythm of jazz music! Beginner Swing allows you to learn the basics of Lindy Hop style swing dancing, as well as several movements to build a dance for the duration of a song. Through fun exercises, you will learn to guide your partner or understand their signals. This is how you will begin to speak the language of this lively, energetic and social dance.

*This course is prerequisite to all other courses

Lindy hop 2
Have you completed a dance session? Do you want to continue your learning for more fun on the dance floor? The Lindy hop 2 course will allow you to continue acquiring the basics and push your technique further and learn new movements. It is in this course that you will experience the
swing out, the signature move of Lindy Hop. The fun only increases!

* This course is a prerequisite for the custom Charleston and Lindy courses

Lindy hop 3 (not currently available)

This course is aimed at dancers who have acquired the basics of lindy hop, who have intermediate experience and who have mastered the basic swing out. This course allows you to take the technique and learning of the classic lindy hop movements further. 

Custom Lindy

VSThis course is aimed at dancers with a good base in lindy hop (at least intermediate level). Teachers will target with students, depending on their level and interest, the movements and variations that will be taught during the session. Charleston, slow dance, variations on the theme of swing out, musicality, etc... Make your suggestions!

Charleston beginner couple
Come and spice up your dance with a few basic charleston steps as a couple. This sparkling dance will definitely please you!

* This course is a prerequisite for the Charleston couple 2 course

Charleston couple 2 (not currently offered)

Do you know the main basic steps of the Charleston and want to continue discovering this dance? This course is for you

Rockabilly Jive 1 (currently not available)
Welcome to the world of Rockabilly Jive! This more rhythmic dance will allow you to improvise as a duo to music from the 50s. Ladies, expect to spin! Gentlemen, get your attitude out, it's going to rock! 

Rockabilly Jive 2 (currently not available)
Did you like Rockabilly Jive 1? At even more dynamic and faster tempos, you will have the chance to learn new movements and new variations in Rockabilly Jive 2. Come consolidate your Jive!


Madisons (not currently offered)
Want to dance solo? Do you want to learn several routines known in the swing world? Madisons course is for you. Come learn the most popular swing madisons so you can dance these routines in groups during dance evenings. You can then integrate these jazz steps into your dance.

* No prerequisites


Ttroop (the troop is currently resting)
Do you like to perform and experience the chemistry of dancing in a group? The troop is perfect for you! The troupe will help you develop your memory and your ability to dance solo, in duets and in groups. Be ready to have fun and perform! Pleasure guaranteed!

* Prerequisite Lindy 2, registration for one year

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